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Trademark Registration


Before filing an application for registration, we will first conduct a search of the existing trademarks records, to ensure that there is no prior trademark that is alike or comparable to the one you plan to use, mainly in the area of your business.

Upon filing an application, we will obtain a filing date and the application should be practised and scrutinize within 1-2 months of the filing date.

Upon obtaining a filing date, the following are the main steps* we will undergo on your behalf pertaining to the registration:


if anyone has the opposition then there is a certain procedure whereby members of the public or any involved third party may raise the objection to the grant of a trademark registration if they have valid grounds for doing so. The grounds of opposition may include issues such as the application is similar to a registered or pending mark, and so forth. Once a notice of objection is received by the applicant then they have to respond with a solid reply with logic to resolve the objection. Both the claimants must provide the evidential documents in order to support their respective case.


After the searches have been performed, the application will be inspected to conclude whether the mark can be registered in harmony with the law. The inspector will check to make certain that the mark does not fall into the areas not allowed by law, for example, marks that are devoid of any distinctive character. If the examiners have any kind of doubts to the mark, they will notify the applicant of their objections, and grant the applicant a particular period of time in which to conquer the doubt. The applicant may also demand for an addition of time in which to answer such objections.


If the opposition to the registration is resolved in favour of the applicant, or if there is no opposition, in that case, the trademark will be registered and a registration certificate will be issued to the applicant.

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