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Call answering services


With Termatronics, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, you have the best option to have a local number and have someone take calls on behalf of you. During the variety of office formats, as well as rising mobile, virtual office, and workplace revival businesses, Termatronics facilitate people and businesses to work where they want, when they want, how they want, and at a range of price points. Minimize your overheads with Termatronics’s Call Answering Services.


  • The phone number provided by the external service provider
  • Personalized call answering service during weekdays from 9 am – 6 pm
  • They will record all the details such as the name, contact number, email address and all messages so that you don’t miss any of your important calls. All the email messages will be sent to you straight away upon receipt.

On the other hand, you may believe engaging a call forwarding service, which will forward every call to your abroad telephone number for your direct answering. This is a more cost-saving service at S$10 per month only.

We assist in the handling of all incoming calls and messages on your company’s behalf during working hours. Your company is instantaneously in attendance with a receptionist and without the cost of preserving a physical office and high staff cost. Answering service number can be used on business cards, letterheads or any other official documents.


If your business requires an operational business line with a local telephone number and enthusiastic receptionist, you just need our telephone answering service.

Termatronics offer a live telephone answering service ensuring you capture all of your business prospects with a gracious, professional devoted receptionist.

Termatronics's quality service includes the following features:

  • A local business number set up in minutes from any location of your choice No call centers
  • Choose from a selection of 160+ global locations
  • The receptionist looks after answering and forwarding your calls promptly and professionally to anywhere in the world
  • Calls answered with your company name, or as instructed by you


  • Every call, especially sales call, will be attended to. With call answering service, a company can be certain that a representative will be present at to all calls. If a call is received after business hours, it will still be forwarded to a local number to be attended to. When every call is attended, a company can be tenable that panorama and old clients will be serviced outstandingly.
  • For minor businesses, hiring a fanatical call answering service that is professional and accomplished can help their companies increase a proficient image while incurring a low-cost service that fits the budget. As for bigger companies, hiring this kind of service will help them maintain the professional image they have imparted already to their clients.
  • A company can avoid additional expenses on hiring a receptionist. Instead of paying someone, for smaller businesses, a salary, or some people for huge companies, hiring a call answering service is a more realistic option for businesses. A company can omit guidance somebody as well to do the call answering when business chooses to hire in its place an external business to do this job.
  • As an alternative to having the taking of calls in-house, companies should select to appoint a call answering service so that the staff can actually focus on their everyday jobs. Ideally, when the team is able to focus on the tasks designated to them, a company can further maximize their potential, growth, and productivity. By doing so, a company can also exploit their revenue and cultivate their business more besides the way.
  • A company no longer needs to invest on PABX Systems and telephone wiring in their office premises. By off-shoring this task, a company can save on costs on buying several telephone lines, as well as an economy on office space that could be used in its place for other tasks to make the most of the company’s expansion.
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